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ask-matoro-deactivated20140902 asked:

Explain something for me, angry blue gangster, why is it that your Zamor launchers only held one shot at a time? Surely being able to fire not one but four consecutive shots would've been more superior, don't you think?




"More superior"? I don’t give a fuck about how much "more superior" your launchers were, they looked dorky as fuck! Now, our zamor launchers, those were the shit. Ain’t got any nasty-ass zamor cages dangling off the side with zamors always falling out. Got a more streamlined, cyberpunky look to ‘em. Could draw and fire in an instant.

In other words, our engineer was fucking “more superior” than your engineer. Go fuck yourself.

Yeah, we stole these from you guys. So yeah.

Now, I remember some little Matoran jackasses stealing our zamor launchers — I trapped one of those fuckers in a cave and let him starve — but ain’t none of our kickass launchers ever had those dorky-ass ammo cages.

Oh hey, look, this nerdy website agrees with me. Fuck yeah. Take that, weird lame-ass clone of a lame-ass Toa.

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